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Fabric Print Dropshipment Available

China to China

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China to Vietnam

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China to USA

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  • solid fabric

    printed fabric

    Jacquard Fabric

    Metallic & Foiled Fabric


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  • Sublimation Roll Paper
  • 60" x 100m x 100gsm

  • Sublimation Ink ( 1Liter)

    Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

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Cut & Sew

Get Benefits of NAFTA

Mexico goverment firmly focused on providing superior manufacturing services.


Why Assembled in Mexico?

China’s wages continued to rise and the world worried about its political stability, manufacturers were searching for other countries to meet their production needs.

Mexico cut & sew "Nearshore location" is a smart move in so many ways.

Easy Transportation

The long-term West Coast ports labor dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association is wreaking havoc on many importers, manufacturers, and supply chain members.


Mexico Contract Manufacturing vs. Shelter (Maquiladora) Manufacturing.

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  • Artwork

    Event 1
    • we use copyright registered library
    • We purchase original artwork from Art Studio. (Italy, France, England)
    • For Fashion Clothing, For Personal, Sprots Unifroms,Home Fashions, Medical Uniforms, Office Fashon, Business Promotion
    • Teams, clubs, Events
    Event 2
    • Computer Aid Graphic
    • Artwork Modify
    • File Cleaning
    • Color Seperation
    • Set-up Repeat
    • In-House Designers Develop ArtWork upon your request.
    Event 3
    • Fit in different design on all parts
    • available on all kind of fabrics
    • No more Cross-cut
    Event 4